Little bit about us:
  • Sachin Systems Inc is one of the most trusted and reliable company in Wireless industry. Sachin Systems is into buying and selling wireless products and accessories . We are a committed team of professionals of over 25 years of experience in this field. Our goal is to make sure that both the suppliers and customers are treated with utmost respect.
  • Sachin Systems Inc. purchases tested and functioning cell phone stock from R2 certified and other upstream vendors and sells them for a profit. Any electronic scrap generated from the scope and operations of Sachin Systems Inc. will be sold to an R2 downstream vendor to ensure proper management of scrap throughout the downstream. Sachin Systems Inc. has adopted an EHSMS (Environmental, Health and Safety Management System) to help minimize risk to the environment and people and meet upstream vendor requirements. Our EHSMS will be certified by an accredited certification body as evidence of our good management practice and our intent to prove responsibility for the product we buy, receive, and sell.
  • Sachin Systems Inc. is committed to environment, health, safety, and responsible recycling
  • We will ensure that customer requirements are met by providing them with a full description of the product they purchase and grading. All phones will be true to the description provided to the customer.
  • We will make sure that the data is cleared of any previous user of the phone
  • All phones will be legal to sell in the US
Continual improvement, we will seek:
  • To improve environmental health and safety performance
  • To improve our EHSMS and EHS performance
  • To continually improve.
Data security:
  • We will track each phone we receive in our system and confirm if each phone has been cleared of personal data. All phones that contain any user data from the previous owner will be wiped and wipe records maintained.
  • We use phone-check software to perform test for checking functionality.
  • Go green. We are committed to:

    Reuse product that can be reused including boxes, packaging material, and plastics Separate waste at source including recyclable bottles, paper, and print cartridges. We will deliver to a reputable recycler

  • We will seek to prevent pollution, and prevent waste
  • Used and end-of-life electronic equipment:

    Sachin Systems Inc. will take all practical steps to separate as appropriate through manual dismantling, and send all scrap electronic products to be recycled through an R2 compliant downstream vendor. These products will be separated, labeled, and located in a safe area to ensure its impact on the environment is minimized while they are in our care. We will not direct product containing focus materials to incineration, energy recovery, or land disposal facilities unless no reuse or recycling options are viable.